coincidental word list

(A collection of concurrent words. Compiled daily and set as stanzas - a line is one day, a verse is one week. Here follows a poem of words that I have coincidentally heard while at the exact same time I have read them). 2016 back to 2014


At the moment
Woud love and

Task task
Account not to talk lemon To me Lisa be done Go look Address work

Twelve be David buying I don’t know
NYC One pond Lisa Yes yes work

One free three five search beautiful all do it Twelve monthly No this what at work at work work Real chilly

White mouse but
All all road favourites today today
Understand done


You I told you for guys nineteen checked my
Adult meeting the moment
But all but done period
Grey although you you this this this this so Claire so so

System twelve one do go this
But your but two me you
Happiness work work not system thankyou
Yes so

Cool OK book
Publishing north weird
You no best about you you far from from
Lecture to not
There’s I don’t

Necessary today
Brussels delete EU thirty
So generate yes OK
Tuesday Helen Helen work training no
Walk go walk audience

Cappucino begin


Back me
Words of mouth radio
You Helen yeah
Adele Helen seven four oh oh you’re welcome all again know I got love
Nick the change been deal

Project work know you’re Kramer mango
Weekend OK snack yes

Too early
Think one two sisxteen one one back and now I have
That witch mum
No worries meeting Paula three

One I ten oh oh two kitchen
Entrance the boys then
Human modern
One March my favourite
Send it to love
Cranberry juice

Paper snow development


Home one
You heart favourite

Experience work good
Assessment show groups you for no good all go
Awesome ever ever
Yeah have

Thirteen again after Philip Bowie David tribute
When I horse want Liverpool
General Helen Show yes
Janet again Sean letting send Lawrence
Know here fire no no need

You want his here you
Hard college sound this saw
Double inbox
Helen lucky
Guy Andy no yes what
Cold don’t

Find phot one group
Day I got oh just thanks use make no
Boxes this
yes taken nine one
You you you are love
Back me congratulations


Want work I young two
One Christmas would like work share BBC no no
Fields buy hall peace
See I yes one
Limited edition America

Released I think
Would place eighteen
Kind education
Five know
Walk work work coffee here
One work
Me strictly out yes

Count children
Case time day twenty
Yesterday thirteen day paid
Thanks so just sorry
Very I got thanks Christmas hell oh

Thanks Christmas you
No here access on yes Julie
Off come warm
Every Christmas oh Christmas Christmas work oh
Who, very, been, property, Shirley
Pudding, York, my

Artists but
Aged me

Event no

Young home cotton want to little
Three sights only way that to say
Job receive make
But not Caroline me for the rest Marianne accounts
Hello Helen ok ok ok Helen test sound
Secondary savings

Wind crisp question
Book parts that
Claire call ok yes
Ok number film name
This bacon
Everyone where brief seventeen

French am
Wants are you you you you
thanks print
Ok money take see Paul something something something play cold
Sausage roll

So time you yes two chicken no come
Full we work
Community me mobile today
Helen decision

Car twenty-four-seven market like
Dead day around ninety documentaries

Plastic bag eight needs
Needs fifteen
Go one
Helen getting to

Three Jo London
Demand replace
Thankyou yes to the right right
Around ok two
Two to move right

Search know know I need
My love be
So shows so Lisa done wisdom goodbye
Helen telephone help meeting yes for they little you think good

Don’t don’t allowed some tax credits
Super thankyou
You that’s
Please many in please five logic to
Shed one power

Ten words Annie yes spend
Cabinet cabinet road
Phone work Bradie
Yes we November so balance
Absolutely absolutely point

Happy I fifty
Time home Tesco
Correct copies tracker ok ok Helen booking today tomorrow today
Board bag
Chips platform

Four good Helen Helen time now
Need move experience where food one
Me on

Work number number
Tomorrow comment people first card today
Five-seven-seven-seven folder care
Working me to not
Sounds forty minutes

Monday place
People city this some


Love James
Right about

Until Sarah
First coffee invest
When word no
No no she’s call yes
American when you please what eat work
Up open plan

Black America pop
Now business
Thank you post
Need four the ball

Beeston Rebecca social be that
Train about mum yes

TV set
Wife where
refer changes home the but house
Nice number one
City behind

Time fifty


You now
thank you you request
Time rice time
England work little image

Game smile city centre set
Challenge comic ten building
Say country London food here here
Roll lucky two fifth

Do to get
First time check in
Hi name mean room four name ten
Hour safeguarding find people eight the the and shit prime

Action social worker work complete Monday me know know July
Week way Paris
Just trying

The book
Janet logged August thirteenth since the holiday Rebecca was a director service move forward move forward      ...Rebecca Natalie train scenes
Ok telephone American learn


Review case
Monday going
on the train hold get mercy sinners love lord lord

Sent work
the work Leeds
Doing matters support finance
Rachel bedroom
Represent further

Time subject this
Balcony scene seven
Twenty minutes would like
ten nine area support no ok send

Schedule market want to office round house standard you you
Twenty-fifth Friday LD call off meeting your five
More store bitch drop I like one
Time work

Presents life
Me too end


Nature reserve David Cameron Queen
For come on tea so

Coming push all
Men times self why avoid see
House red line toilet women’s account payment force he should saw
Yet Helen no no she the vote
Thirteen Helen enjoyed
Success work people people people
Goes for you

House fish
Phone people people process not do sure added two move
Uncertainty good Sunday

On not are you address information ask line this
How much oh yes happy two
Case Helen these minute
Request two even here we are well me meet at sold

People land fourteen
People people people police
Yes little
Staple message message thirteen
Welkom easy



Coming up festival two-hundred two three
email email but back work like
Now for ten
Get get this

One hot now send Ali coffee now
Meeting service event thank you thank you eat metal be or

Cuppa you look now
Look difficulty two book book
Helen calendar yes
Monday Tuesday eight sign in which I

Sixty how to just
Helen email
Day phone

Out Saturday think would
Said twenty-five
Change see address


Day book say Queen collect have two one
Today the god the bad about been meaning to go
Doctor four doctor good good
Nick the Nick
Thirty four seven much so
See see more there is one nine

Spoke and art expression
Mum like
Lke standing one
Forty ha
Available safeguard haha nine five projects
Hot really pick pick

More the one menu time
Size line A2 fifteen right one now do
For call call hours
Full value eye
You have now make your for

Off outside off David Derby CIA
To get colour
No no no no do if



Current two one left right one is
twelve twelve
Helen two three two
Love four yeah mobile
World restaurant looking pick

Bank thanks three four three one hour
Of to the question don’t son don’t continue
Stuff week like
Karen all
Room change well three
Three one

Down house check four seen blue back everyday
Eye attempt right little
Transfer send favourite
Sixteen two plaid winter

And know do that’s know
Her her Sophie F in that ensures in the
About life David team today
Council meeting yes weather time U food go
Go road about


Pig you you budget first
New Year

Growing however that’s again well
Children Britain makes three protection locally
Like morning morning Helen have have numbers Monday is two French with

Do hidden has
forward know
Plan not not so breeding
So we were people time to you great you
So see you life day

To the London as a our
All of
Snow 1 former about about yellow
Not it’s thank you you meeting again
Helen practice now
Back four decide X celebrity

Catalogue yes yes
Exhibition ok
More have it
Today sunshine glide yes yes
Sunshine yeah
More did


Common but was
Two but do Frank thirty
Business support inbox twelve business look
Chicken contrast

Before movies baby
Helen Helen hello
Call six weeks working level Helen
Two horror
Garlic Christmas member sky

We we merry David
Real £3 christmas gift new suit
Stretches that
For north

Yeah 13:30 run
Kind of devices Christmas
Sound kind of ten she
Search big lord sing

Love X now now
confirm me me good sending email
Discourse charge marker on



Was produced killing tells game
Lot now like face episode
University TV UK please xmas new
Thank you
Today fifty in the
That test system system one

Wanted like lead dropped off two Williams
Avoid London
Bank call
Meeting resource can I ask sorry Diana
Helen not
Fear on apples basically home

Day report arc
Tenant time two want
Drawing coffee fourteen train
Upload two
Problem next problem person many
Three open
Contains food

Property one LO world more UK
New poetry art one word language what
Rent property emergency London
One business work Wednesday access follow because
Dismal work work Sunday nothing friends
First come come on


Work now
Week two work
Truth good luck must

She now thirty came to not
Right meeting
Years old like Nando’s east
Calendar inbox mark copy no
Send meeting love all
Or more and

Chester do you Facebook
Tracing repeat time some example ten
Five and black
BT economy
Work London woman

Soon you not cancel see world
Wind on
Don’t two
Newcastle Doncaster P
In our two method
Expanded things Ruth

Five coffee thank you you more much
Face drawing and kitchen world village
Oh my god six


Now Helen account
All film my day same
Room inbox that all why doing morale
Yes Rose think available done

Example to investigate eighteen cost twelve
Knowledge super
Contract cake now
Him given

Help moss history what Scottish debate
Back inbox yes

Now working while to know meeting mine points
From think
Sky he has think work
Not call thank you thank you legal
End done

Seven the last current now

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